Capital Area Beekeepers Association

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Honey and Hive Products

  • Michelle Orillion- Raw Honey, All Natural, Treatment Free         225-625-4697
  • Jesse Erwin-Honey               225-954-3134
  • Doug Doremus- Raw Honey, Raw Beeswax, and Clean Pollen  229-293-7497
  • Bobby Frierson-Honey 225-241-6132

Live Honey Bees and Nucs

  • Jesse Erwin 225-954-3134  Nucs and established colonies
  • Bobby Frierson 225-241-6132 Mated queens, 5 frame nucs


  • Ed’s Shenandoah Hardware (Authorized Mann Lake Dealer)   5715 Jones Creek Rd.     Baton Rouge, La                225-753-1300
  • Brother’s Ace Hardware  3085 Millerville Rd Baton Rouge, LA 225-753-6183
  • Dave Freneaux  225-261-1500 Bee-All Inner cover feeder
  • Michelle Orillion 225-625-4697  Langstroth Deeps assembled & unassembled, used & new; deep frames and foundation; assembled and unassembled-in stock (Mann Lake and Horizontal Hives extra deep boxes and frames, Layens hives and frames-made to order

Honey Bee & Wasp Removal Service

“Call a beekeeper!”

  • Bruce Scharwath a.k.a. "Schawee" 225-806-2655
  • Jesse Erwin 225-954-3134 Licensed & Insured.  Will travel 100 miles from Baton Rouge. Will educate you on your bee problem. 
  • Michelle Orillion 225-625-4697. Pointe Coupee, West and East Feliciana areas, West and East Baton Rouge areas. 
  • Kevin Langley 504-669-6830
  • Leo Hill, 225-381-9532
  • Luke Wagner 225-572-3239 
  • Jay Gulotta 225-892-6280
  • Chris Thayer 225-413-7001
  • Ronald Gibbons, 225-394-0155 Ascension, Brusly

Miscellaneous Services

Bee Protection/Outerwear Repairs and Sewing and Custom Designs hand painted hive body art and woodburning-made to order, free estimates,   Michelle Orillion               225-625-697

CABA is a non-profit beekeeping organization for the Louisiana capital region.


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