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May 2022

President's Memo

It's swarm season and calls are coming in daily! Any members interested in getting referrals for swarm/removal calls email


Spring 2022 MBP Cohort meeting, Sunday 29th. Zoom link emailed the day before.





Reminders, Requests, Continuing Education

Any member interested in presenting on a topic of their expertise in 2022, please contact Michelle Orillion at



Texas A & M University Apiculture has opened registration for the 6th annual "Art of Queen Rearing" workshop to be held at the Janice and John G. Thomas Honey Bee Facility in College Station, TX on May 21-22. Dr. Rangel, Sue Cobey and others will present and teach. Visit their Facebook page for full registration form and details. 


University of Florida's Two Bees in a Podcast with Dr. Jamie Ellis click -->here.

Texas Bee Supply's free monthly webinars with Blake Shook click -->here.

Alabama Extension's At Home Beekeeping Series click -->here.


May Meetings

PLEASE NOTE: CABA now has two learning events each month!!

The regular monthly meetings held second Tuesdays.


The newest monthly events at the CABA apiary, called

BEE SCHOOL-Live and Hive Side.

Each Saturday following the monthly Tuesday meetings.

9AM-11AM. All dates are being added to the Events page for registration. 


Member meeting is Tuesday, May 10 @ 7-8:30 PM.

Teachers/Speakers/Q & A with Joshua Frierson

Topics: Tips for a Big Honey Crop!


Meeting ID: 851 4530 2363

Passcode: 915512

BEE SCHOOL-Live and Hive Side is Saturday, May 14 @ 9-11:00 AM

Lead by Joshua Frierson and members of CABA Apiary Team: Robert Taylor, Dan Weber, Jay Gulatto, and Luke Wagner

Hands-On: Nuc status check and full colony inspections, Integrated Pest Management discussion sugar rolls for Varroa mite check, honey bee biology, inspection techniques and look-fors

CABA is a non-profit beekeeping organization for the Louisiana capital region.


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