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December 2022

President's Memo

Join us for our final meeting of 2022! 


We wish everyone a joyous and holy Christmas!





Reminders, Requests, Continuing Education


Our 2023 Membership Drive will kick off soon! Please check your email in the coming days for details.

Our 2023 Fundraiser will kick off in February! Stay tuned. We are accepting donations for the auction!

Any members interested in speaking to the club about any honey bee, business, or beekeeping related expertise?

Have experience with wax processing for candles or soaps? 

Have a system for monitoring and data tracking hives?

Have knowledge about local resources, equipment, trainings, or mentorships?

We would love to have you as a guest teacher!


Bee Informed Partnership has recorded webinars. Click-->here.

University of Florida's Two Bees in a Podcast with Dr. Jamie Ellis click -->here.

Texas Bee Supply's free monthly webinars with Blake Shook click -->here.

Alabama Extension's At Home Beekeeping Series click -->here.


December Meetings

PLEASE NOTE : CABA now has two learning events each month!!

The regular monthly meetings held second Tuesdays.


BEE SCHOOL-Live and Hive Side 

held each Saturday following the monthly Tuesday meetings.

9AM-11AM. Visit our events page to registration. 


Member meeting is

Tuesday, December 13th @ 7 PM.

This month's meeting will start with 
CABA Apiarist, Joshua Frierson, who will give us updates on the CABA apiary and seasonal management.

Following Joshua, then open for Q & A and discussion, followed by quick 2022 recap and hold 2023 elections.

BEE SCHOOL-Live and Hive Side is Saturday, December 17 @ 9-11:00 AM

Lead by members of CABA Apiary Team. Registration required. 

CABA is a non-profit beekeeping organization for the Louisiana capital region.


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