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Member Newsletter June 2021

President's Memo

CABA's first fieldtrip of 2021 will be Saturday, June 12 in Plaucheville, LA to Bordelon's Apiary.  Full details can be found on the events page. Participants will learn with hands-on practice queen rearing, grafting, and commercial honey extracting. 

Pre-registration is required and limited spots available. A Waitlist is in effect and members will automatically be moved from waitlist to registered as spots become available. 

Always Bee Humble and Kind!

Michelle Orillion, President 2021

Secretary's Reminders

Beginning July 2021, CABA's Monthly Meetings will move to the SECOND Tuesday of each month. July 13, 2021 will be the date of our first new meeting schedule.

For the month of August, CABA will NOT meet inside the Burden Center do to scheduling a conflict. Please check back for more details about our August meeting.

Paper membership applications are now discontinued. Please complete your membership registration via We will assist you with registering at monthly meetings. 

To encourage pre-registration for monthly meetings will give door prize tickets only to folks who have preregistered! 


Demetria Bell

June's Guest Speakers

Bruce Scharwarth "Schawee", Mike Brumbelow, and Dan Weber

May be an image of 1 person Schawee shared his personal beekeeping experiences, discussed how honey bees manage internal hive temperatures and moisture in the heat of Louisiana summers, summer heat bearding vs. swarm bearding and tips to aid honey bees in hive cooling. 

Mike Brumbelow, also the CABA Head Apiarist, discussed the common types of frames, demonstrated how to assemble various frames and offered money saving tips and pest management tips associated with different frame styles.

Dan Weber, also past CABA president 2020, brought one of CABA's honey extraction kits and demonstrated how to use and clean the equipment, the process to borrow club equipment, honey storage and bottling tips, and moisture levels in comb honey and extracted honey.  **Text Kevin Langley to borrow a set of equipment and to have your extracted honey tested for moisture. 504-669-6830

 In-Person: View a map of Burden grounds by clicking this link→ Burden Museum and Gardens.

ZOOM--Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 7205 3101
Passcode: 198365

CABA is a non-profit beekeeping organization for the Louisiana capital region.


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