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The Capital Area Beekeepers Association supports beekeeping and bee education in the Louisiana Capital Area.  We meet every month to network (note: starting in July the second Tuesday of the month), to discuss best practices and common issues that are affecting bees. Our membership is committed to preservation and sustainability of the honey bee as a pollinator and producer of agricultural, industrial, medicinal and consumer friendly products through our beekeeping community.  

If you want to become a beekeeper or are interested in saving the honey bee, join us and help "save the bees."

Need some help, request an apiary visit, beekeeping mentor or interested in having CABA speak to your class, group or event just email us at

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  • 01/15/2022 12:23 PM | Kevin Langley (Administrator)

    Go to the CABA Store to purchase

    Purchase 5 frames Nucs with Queen

    5 frame deep nuc with mated unmarked queen.  Eggs, larvae and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. mated and unmarked queen. Minnesota Hygienic Italian stock. Supplier is Bordelon Apiaries, LLC. Delivery expected the first week of April. Delivery updates will be provided.

    The Nuc & Queen delivery event is expected to late April/mid May on a Saturday.  CABA will update the date and time for the Nuc & Queen Delivery event here.

    Please be sure your cell phone and email is correct in your membership profile to ensure we have your current contact information. Check the CABA events for the latest date and you will be contacted via phone and/or email with updates.

    Please have arrangements in place to pick up your bees if you will not be here. We anticipate 24-48 hour notice of delivery from Bordelon Bees.

    The Pickup site is Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry parking lot at 5825 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge.  Look for CABA members and the Bordelon bee truck on the left side of the parking lot (when facing the building). 

    1. Everyone is to remain in their vehicles.

    2. Vehicles will line up in designated areas (we will let you know where to line up). A CABA member will come to your vehicle and take your name and check the order list.

    3. A CABA member will bring your order to your vehicle and place it in the bed/rear of the vehicle. Please drive out of the delivery line if you need to rearrange, cover, strap down, etc. the nuc boxes.

    ** CABA strongly advises you not to have children or pets in the vehicle if you are also transporting the nucs inside the vehicles. The nuc boxes are closed/sealed however it is common for small cracks to develop during transport and bees will escape into the vehicle.

    4. CABA strongly advises you do not put nucs in a closed trunk or leave in full sun during transport. CABA strongly advises nucs be transported directly to their final destination to decrease chances of overheating or overcooling.

CABA is a non-profit beekeeping organization for the Louisiana capital region.

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